“They’ve had to install automatic toilets in public restrooms because people can’t be entrusted to flush — they can’t even flush a toilet!”.
- Whatever Works, Woody Allen, 2009.

Besides the fun of the phrase, Woody got with these words make us think and cause the birth of No Interaction Group.

We often hear words like “interactive interface” or “map reactive.” How many other “-tive” we have to live in our daily lives? We may not realize this. Could it be that there is something that is not interactive? What is the interaction for you?. It is difficult to know where the end of our individual abilities and where we must begin to rely on buttons and automatic controls.

1. Bad day to be an ATM 

One of the machines that we use frequently in every day life makes us think that by only a push of a button our economic problems can be resolved. If you think that “taking out” money from an ATM is just a mere process, it is very probable that this time you will not be so lucky, our ATM is having a bad day and will make your life a little more difficult.

2. Help…ish phone number?

It may be the case that you have a pleasant experience with one of the help numbers, which try to help you with pre-recorded questions, but, how many times does it actually resolve our problems, while the only thing we really want is to actually talk with a human being? Just as is in front of you, you see this red telephone, is likely to be not so innocent after all. Listen to what it wants to tell you, and let its intentions give you an answer.

3. Laptop crocodile

You come back home and you turn on your laptop. You are tired of being outside all day. But, have you asked him what he wants? Have you ever thought that probably he is frustrated to be always at your disposition? This laptop may be more like a grumpy alligator. Watch your hand closer, maybe not have as much desire to play with you as your with him.