We are a research group discussing and dealing with interaction issues.

Paraphrasing BorisYellinikoff: “They’ve had to install automatic toilets in public restrooms because people can’t be entrusted to flush — they can’t even flush a toilet!” (“Whatever works”, Woody Allen, 2009). Well…yes. All fun aside, Woody´s phrase managed to provoke an interesting discussion about interaction and give birth to the “NoInteraction” Group.

“The interactive interface”, “the reactive map” and how many other -tives coexist in our everyday phrases? Do we really realize all that? Is this something we are looking for or something that we really benefit from? Is there something that is not interactive? What is interaction for you? In contrast with Woody´s character, the idea is not to see human beings

as persons impossible and incapable, but to consider the hypothesis that many times we simply don´t interact – whether this is due to non-will, non-disposition or thoughtlessness. NoInteraction Group tries to play with all these doubts and create a path to interact (here we go again…) with all these why’s. With love.

The Wonders of Super Interaction

We all like to push buttons, action levers and connect cables. Click, clack, click. What a lovely sound. Sending mails, using the touch screen. Sure, the machines are here to serve us and solve our problems, this is the modern life… so easy, that’s why we’ve invented them. But what would happen if this wasn’t enough for them? I mean, we always think about ourselves, but it could be that they get tired of being sole servers of the taste of our wills, tired of playing such a limited role in which they only act when we need to. Maybe they will stop obeying us and start ignoring us, as if they individually were enough for this interaction, for the first time this won´t require a human being. Get close and listen to those mobile phones talking between each other, without the need for you to say anything. And those panels, what are they saying? They talk to each other and there’s nothing we can do to help it, not even a possible way to understand what they are meaning. Let us open the door for you… to a brand new world. A paradise of super-interactive wonders where, (don’t feel bad), you have nothing to do.

Exhibited at Sala Marsà • Tàrrega

February 18th 2011 until March 6th 2011